Peepers are back

I heard them for the first time this week, the tiny grey tree frog choir.

For me, their song heralds the coming of Spring in the Catawba Valley Foothills…The Spring peepers make me smile, they ride the surge of new Life energy that is headed our way soon… I am growing a larger variety of spring produce on the farm this year including: Asparagus, Broccoli, Beets, Cabbage, Dandelions, Kale, Tatsoi, Scallions and Spinach. My ongoing love of all things mushroom continues, I plan to obtain my NC mushroom identifying and foraging License this spring.

Check out the Organic Growers School for all kinds of interesting workshops and classes on sustainable living.

August Musings

Perhaps in the face of the worldly turbulence that  seems so abundant,  it is useful to remember that quiet place within ourselves. When our outer focus shifts, it creates more inner room to envision  desired outcomes…

October 15-Dec 7th, during the Annual Medicare Open Enrollment Period, in addition to providing health insurance guidance the rest of the year,  I help seniors determine what choices regarding their health insurance will best suit them for the coming year. I also help people under 65 with their health insurance needs. I am licensed to assist folks in NC with their health insurance needs and I look forward to assisting those of you who reach out to me.  My priorities: helping us all “walk our talk” regarding supporting our health and well being….





Spring’s Whispering

The tease of warm weather has me outside, pruning, mending fences, sowing cover crops…listening to the murmurs of Spring stirring…robins and friends on their flyway passage have cleaned out the bird feeders several times in the last few weeks.

Visions of  beds and fields of crimson clover, herbs and wildflowers mingled among beds of veggies and medicinal herbs crowd my to to lists… bees, chicks, daily seed planting….

My soul inhales joy when I see  my neighbors fields of new rye, such a bright green I can taste it!

Our monthly music jams at Catawba Valley Community College from 6-8pm on the last Tuesday of each month continue…making music with friends is such a pleasure.

I am beginning to do some Horticultural consulting with our local Children’s Home, soon to evolve into gardening  projects in their Pre-K program and a Nut tree orchard to be created. I am also happy to announce participation in an herbalist internship training with a group of acupuncture students…

Enjoy the coming of the green!

April Music Jam

We celebrated Springtime on the first weekend in April with a lovely meal  (complete with fresh eggs and produce from the farm) and our first acoustic music jam of 2016! Our group consisted of friends who love to sing and pick… banjos,  fiddles, guitar, mandolins, what fun!

This jam will be a monthly event, there is also a new acoustic music jam in our area that will be starting up in May on second Saturday’s 8-noon at the Conover, NC Farmers Market.

Spring Equinox

This Spring Equinox was followed by a lovely full moon. Such a pleasure to  feel everything  green waking up again! Redbuds’ blooming  have always been one of my favorite springtime sights. The peepers are back singing greetings to my pond! (They are the rhythm section of my house band) Time to open up my pottery studio and  make some Mason bee houses! Looking forward to taking some field artifacts for identification on April 5th at the Public Lab night at the Wall Center in Morganton Artifact Identification.  Enjoy the returning of the Sun’s warmth!