Farm Pottery History

Life Flowers Farm History

This family farm of potters and farmers has been in my family for four generations, since the late 1800’s. When earth is turned on the farm,  artifacts appear from time to time. They vary from the pottery shards of my recent relatives, to the more ancient implements of tribal peoples.

As organic farm stewards, we respect the inherent Divinity of all Life as it manifests the visible face of Spirit. In response to that gift,  a conscious choice is made to interact  compassionately within our world. As above, so below as we co create sanctuary in these hills….

Catawba Valley Pottery History

This is a link to the first video I created about LifeFlowersFarm:Turning through Time

Catawba County NC History Great resource!

Regional Archeology  Free Thursday tours of Morganton, NC Berry Site (Ft. San Juan)